My me made summer wardrobe - heatwave edition

One word. Heatwave.

The UK is having a hot few weeks and whilst most people seem to be complaining, I am loving it. I love the sunshine, the warm temperatures, and the beach is at the end of my road, making Brighton the perfect place to live.

But what do we wear in this weather? You may remember I struggled to pack for my holiday to Sweden, but this time I've had more time to discover some old makes, create some new makes, and work out how to handle this heatwave!

Firstly, my Simplicity 8608 faux wrap dress was the perfect choice for my friends' wedding after party/30th birthday party. We were in the middle of nowhere in the beautiful Sussex countryside; the sun was hidden behind clouds for most of the day which was a blessing, as temperatures were well over 26 degrees.

The dress is made from viscose, and the loose fit around the waist made it comfortable to wear all day.

Next up is this New Look 6499 I made last summer. The coloured stripes are fairly bold which means it's probably not the best for every day work wear, however it's great for a sunny garden day. The cold shoulder sleeves are able to sit on my shoulders meaning there's no chance for burnt shoulders. Win!

Finally, my new Mimi G Jessica dress is the cutest little sun dress. I wore this out for the first time on Saturday which started as a beach day, but ended in the pub watching the football. Whilst its skinny straps and loose skirt make it great for lounging, the white was not great for getting beer thrown over me as England scored 2 goals in the quarter finals of the World Cup.. Oops.

The Jessica dress is a great make, really easy and quick to make and there's so many similar styles over Pinterest for inspiration. I'd love to make a couple more, but knowing the British weather, this heatwave won't last forever so I'll be back on the wool/knitted makes in no time I'm sure!

What are your go-to makes to wear in this heat wave? I'd love to know.

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