A fashion revolution - wear it again

Last week was Fashion Revolution week. The week raises awareness of changing the way the fashion industry operates, how fabric is sourced and how our clothing is made and consumed. It's about being responsible for the value chain and making sure that clothing is made in a 'safe, clean and fair way'.

With dressmaking, it's fair to say we make our own clothes. This alleviates some of the pains about knowing who made our clothes and the condition they were made in.

Whilst dressmaking is more conscious and sustainable than shopping sprees, I've found myself making more of the same garment, recreating items I already own.

On the one hand, I love creating and making clothes I know suit me and I'll wear. On the other hand, I instantly downgrade older makes to the back of my wardrobe, never to be seen again.

The lovely Lizzie B recently posted to Instagram about saying NO to fast fashion. Her campaign #SewistsWearItAgain aims to reduce the environmental impact on sewing and agree to wear our beautiful makes again.

I can totally relate to this - I've made wedding guest dresses, fancy outfits, or things that don't quite fit right. These makes have been only been worn once and it seems like the time and care I put into make them were a waste of time.

The idea of wearing items again instead of making newer versions really appealed to me. Along with Fashion Revolution, I am now carefully considering what I already own in my wardrobe, and the steps I can take to make sure my sewing is socially conscious and has less impact on the planet. For me, it's more about slow fashion.

Whilst clearing out my wardrobe, I noticed some garments that I never wear anymore due to fit reasons. Solving this issue is so easy, with access to a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, refashioning seems like the best option.

This gingham skater dress is something that's been well worn. I made it a few years ago without a pattern - the bodice is really unflattering and doesn't have any armscye ease.

So, I hacked the skirt off the bodice and created a very simple New Look mini skirt. I managed to squeeze enough fabric from the bodice into a waistband and voila! A new garment that's on-trend and fits properly!

I wore this skirt for the first day of Me Made May - keep an eye out on my Instagram for more of my Me Made makes throughout May. See you soon!

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