Pattern review: Deer and Doe Melilot shirt

My journey into dressmaking went a bit stagnant last year. I got bored of making dresses and I couldn't quite work out my style. Did I want to be 100% casual? Did I want to include more two-pieces to my wardrobe?

The idea of making a shirt was on the top of my to-sew list. But would I actually wear something so 'smart' when I can wear casual clothes every day to work? I bought myself a gorgeous floral long-sleeve shirt from H&M to practice wearing before I invested my time and money into making one.

I loved the shirt - particularly to transition from Autumn to Winter and to wear under dungaree dresses. So, with Instagram in hand and my bank account at the ready, I chose the Deer and Doe Melilot shirt. I loved the hidden buttons (I'm terrible at button holes) and I loved the feminine shape.

What I didn't know, was that I'd learn so many new techniques with this pattern. Plus, it's the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

For my first Melilot, I chose a floral viscose from eBay. With auburn and orange flowers it was great for the Autumnal weather we had during the time of making the shirt.

The Melilot gave me the opportunity to try my first sleeve placket. This went almost to plan. I looked for tutorial videos because my brain couldn't quite grasp which way to fold, where to cut and where to sew. I got there in the end, but strangely one placket is longer than the other. Don't look too closely!

I also learned how to do a proper collar and collar stand. This was SO much easier than I'd have originally thought and I can safely say it is 100% not scary.

The french seams on this pattern are a god send and I love the neat and tidy insides. The only thing I still can't quite grasp is making the inside of the button hole placket. With all the folding and sewing and edge stitching I still have a visible seam and the interfacing is on show. Any advice here would be great!

I made my second Melilot from a gorgeous cheetah print fabric I found on eBay. I know the lovely Rosa made a slip dress from this fabric and after seeing her use it I bought some for myself.

I chose the short sleeve version this time around and it is a lot quicker than the long sleeve. In fact, I whipped this version up in about a day - half the time it took me to make the long sleeve version. I accidentally made one of the sleeve cuffs too short so had to adjust the other one. They're not too tight and actually I think I prefer them more fitted.

I'm slowly mastering the narrow curved hem and the collar and stand are easier now I know what to do.

Dinosaur necklace for added effect... 

I have so many outfits planned for both my Melilot shirts. Under dungaree dresses, over skinny jeans or tucked into skirts - it's so versatile! 

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