Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hello 2017

Happy new year and all that jazz! It's 2017, a new year has sprung and it's that time when people make resolutions for the year ahead.

For me, a resolution isn't something I must keep, it's just where my priorities lie at the moment, and when better to work out my current priorities than the start of a new year.

2016's resolutions were a mixed bag of ideas... you can see the full blog post here to see what I had initially planned, but I can tell you now that I didn't stick to it. But that's ok. I didn't really need a dinosaur print dress or a maroon blouse. I failed at making the Ultimate Trousers (it's on this year's list again) and I didn't bother trying fabrics such as damask or wool which were also on my list.

Despite that, I did make a very sexy scuba dress, which incidentally is a copy of a dress I already own from H&M.

This year I did have a lot of fun with jersey, in particularly striped jersey. I made my sister a Moneta dress (high five for my first selfless sew) and myself a t-shirt dress that I wear so often it's become a true wardrobe staple.

Even though I didn't completely follow my 2016 resolutions list, I did make a range of other beaut outfits, including a floral smock dress, my first Moneta dresses and discovered the joy of making pyjamas. If you want to see my makes then head over to my Instagram where you'll find them.

That brings me onto my 2017 resolutions, or in better words, my priority to-sew list. I've been a bit out of the loop with my sewing over the past few months (blame my lack of inspiration and my social life) but this year I'm going full throttle again and hope to fill my wardrobe with loads more cool clothes and magical makes.

  1. Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers. Yes, OK, this is the second year it's been on the list but I have the pattern all cut out and I just need to be brave and go for it! 
  2. Wool winter coat. I've just bought a Burda pattern for a simple a-line coat. It'll be a challenge but I think I'll enjoy it.
  3. Tilly and the Buttons Cleo dress. It must be done - particularly as dunagree dresses may go out of fashion soon!
  4. A stripe skater. Lisa Comfort wore a Sew Over It sample dress a few videos ago and I bought some fabric to make something similar (I'm too impatient to wait for the pattern release).
  5. Cushions! In the spirit of sewing-mojo and maybe not having the inspiration for garments, I'm re-fashioning my bedroom and some new cushion covers will be the perfect final touch.
 I'll keep posting as much as possible and might even give the blog a little makeover if I can work out how. Let me know what you're making, I'd love to be inspired.

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