5 Reasons why we love The Great British Sewing Bee

It's back! The new series of The Great British Sewing Bee is now back on our screens, pins, hems, flounce and all.

As part of the huge online sewing community, I've sat down and thought about just why we love the Sewing Bee sooooooo much...

1) The awesome online community

I don't know about you, but I was glued to Twitter, and getting Whatsapp messages from my fellow sewing friend, all whilst watching the first episode of the Sewing Bee. Twitter is the best place to be during an event, or an epic TV program as everyone chats about it. I mean, I probably should have had eyes on the TV screen as opposed to my phone, but it's great to read everyone's reactions at the time something funny, something tense, or something brilliant happens.

Note: 'boning' - the reaction to this on Twitter was flawless.

Thank you to my entire Twitter feed for watching the Sewing Bee as it really made my evening better. Follow me @jennyydiy.

In all seriousness though, it's great to have a TV show that unites the sewing community online, even just for an hour once a week.

2) The presenting/judging team.

I nearly called this part 'Patrick Grant' but actually we all love Claudia, Patrick, and are falling for new judge Esme! Her mention of "arse" on Monday night was brilliant and we can't wait to hear more of her judging comments.

3) Sewin'spiration

The contestants have to sew 3 items every week, and there's a lot of contestants, and a lot of weeks. I can't do the maths but that's a lot of garments. Each garment is inspirational and we sewing folk can watch the show in the hope of finding something new to sew. From Jade's beautiful net skirt, to Angeline's perfectly fitted pencil skirt, I'm sure many items will be added to my to-sew list.

4) Fabric haberdashery dreams

Every time the contestants have to start their challenges, we watch them eagerly rush into the on-set haberdashery. What a dream! To be able to choose any fabric, any trim, linings, zips, buttons, feathery bits, glittery bits, furry bits. Oh my! We can dream though can't we...?

5) Learning new techniques

The one thing that is very useful, and not just entertaining about the Sewing Bee is the techniques. The show illustrates each garment before we see it created, and we get expert tips and tricks from the judges. From the show over the years, I've learnt about understitching, bodice fittings and of course from this series, cutting on the bias.

So thank you to the Great British Sewing Bee for lots of fun, laughter and sew much fabulous sewing!

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