Pattern review: Colette patterns Moneta dress

I love this dress. Simple. It's a stylish dress, flattering on anyone and it was such an easy make. What's better yet, is that it made me learn to love working with knit fabrics.

So how did I get on?
Sizing: The size I chose turned out perfectly for me, which is never usually the case with bodices. Usually, shoulder seams are way off my petite shoulders and I always have to take in side seams and the centre back (I'm yet to try a FBA as of yet).

As this dress is made from a knit fabric, the stretch in the bodice means no darts (win!) and no size/fit issues. Even the shoulder seams lay perfectly for me.

Method: I've previously made a Colette patterns Violet blouse which was really easy to make and the instructions were so clear. The Moneta dress is also such an easy make, the instructions were laid out perfectly and I can't fault the method at all.

The first step is to sew the bodice at the shoulder seams and add the sleeves. I've never worked with sleeves as short in length as the Moneta short sleeves and but they were just as easy as set-in sleeves I've done on previous projects.

The next step is to sew the side seams of the bodice and hem the sleeves and neckline.

To make the skirt, you just need to shir some clear elastic onto the skirt pieces and attach it to the bottom of the bodice. Before making this, I'd read so many 'horror' stories of shirring with clear elastic so I got a teeny bit nervous at this point. It turns out it is super easy, so nothing to worry about at all.

I did have to unpick the skirt from the bodice after the first time I'd sew it on because the weight of the fabric (I used a mid-weight jersey knit) weighed the bodice down too far. So I unpicked, cut off an inch or so from the bodice and reattached the skirt so the gathered waist sat on my natural waist.

Hemming skirts is always my pet-hate. I'm only 5ft so all patterns are too long for me, resulting in me needing to chop off about half of the skirt I'm making. I *thought* I'd got a bit too chop happy with my Moneta but thankfully I'd measured it correctly, I'd just sewn it on wonky. After unpicking the hem (always tricky with a twin needle stitch) I'd got it just about right.

I've got 99 problems but a stitch ain't one: The one thing I found really difficult was ensuring the skirt was sewn onto the bodice in a straight line. I really wish I was a perfectionist, but I'm not, and so my first Moneta has a slightly wonkly waistline. I'm OK with that though!

Build me up, buttercup: The best things about the Moneta is that it made me fall in love with sewing with knit fabrics. They are fun, quick to sew, dart-free, fastening free, casual, comfortable and my confidence has grown SOOOO much whilst making this dress.

I've learnt how to use a twin needle, which type of needle to use when sewing with stretch fabrics, how to hem knit fabrics and more. The dress looks super professional, even though it was my first one and I cannot wait to make so many more Monetas!

Aftermath/pattern hack: Luckily I had around a metre or so of fabric leftover so I did my very first pattern hack. Check it out - a moneta bodice lengthened to make a simple t shirt dress. Perfect for a lazy Sunday or those times where you just want to eat loads and not worry about waistbands cutting in on your food baby...

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