Winter fabrics: a discovery

Hello winter! We've hit -4 degrees this week and there was even some snow across the UK (#UKsnow). It feels strange because last year we didn't get snow and my 10 minute commute to work meant that I never felt the cold.

Alas, times have changed, and I can admit, it is cold. So with cold weather, comes the right type of clothing!

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing" - A. Wainwright

Having the ability to knit would be the best thing right now, but dressmaking with the right fabrics has come in my favour recently.

I've been really into dressing myself in thicker, woolier, knitted, practical fabrics for the winter; something I've not really done before. Usually I'll just put thicker tights on, or a thicker jumper, but playing around with new fabrics has fascinated me!

Recently, I've made a denim dress, which keeps the cold chill off amazingly well. It's thick enough to stay warm, but thin enough to be wearable and comfortable.

There's also the cord skirt, which with a thick pair of tights is very warming!

I've been wearing scuba knit and suiting, both of which keep me cosier than a polyester/viscose.

There's also a little matter of fabric shopping and my to-do list! On it is scuba knit, some kind of woolly fabric I've got in my stash, and a wool-mix skirt as seen on ASOS.

I went into Ditto Fabrics today and my eyes completely lit up at all the winter fabrics. Normally, my eyes would light up at the florals, the stripes, the summer prints; but today I was in awe at the wools and the fabrics that would make for a comfortable winter.

Also check out this amazing jumper my mum knitted in the late 80s. It's a jumper with the face of MichelAngelo's David on it. Thank goodness it's not a lower part of the statue...

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