Thursday, 21 January 2016

Maroon cord skirt

Recently, I had a rare trip into Topshop and found a beautiful maroon corduroy skirt. It was a delight; a great colour, simple shape, but oh of course it was £35. That's when I realised, yep - I can make this myself!

I've recently had a bad time with cord, after trying to make a simple a-line skirt. I got really inventive and tried to make a scallop hem. It was fun playing with the scallop design and it actually sort of worked, apart from when I chopped off the excess fabric under the scallop, the skirt was about 10 inches too short. So it went to the magical fabric farm, never to be seen again.

So this skirt was my second go with cord. I didn't use a pattern with this one because I thought a waistband + a gathered rectangle = good skirt. I was kind of right...

I normally use this skirt method with thinner, flimsier fabrics and the gathering of the skirt creates a lovely flow to the garment. However, cord is very thick and the flow just isn't there. I even tried to line the skirt but it was just too much so I ended up cutting it out.

Let me show you the zip - something I'm super proud of. I actually cut the zip out from an old crop top I dared to wear once and thought the exposed metal would make a great contrast for the back of the skirt.

I'm actually chuffed as to how good the zip was - sometimes I'm still not quite up to scratch with zip sewing. Woo!

Here it is... the full skirt. I actually recently got a pattern for a simple a-line skirt which I think would be far more suited for this fabric, so I'm really tempted to unpick the whole thing and re-work it into an a-line shape with a few darts instead of gathers. But then again if I do that, this skirt could also end up in the magical fabric farm with the other one...

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