Paisley smock dress

I've been inspired by indie fashion labels recently and in particular, Mod Dolly. Their range of simple smock dresses, two pieces, tunics and more in a variety of on-trend and quirky fabrics is basically my ideal wardrobe.

I've been wanting to practise making skater dresses from my own drafted pattern for a while. I've got the perfect skater style/smock dress that I picked up for a fiver from H&M and knew it would make a great start for my own pattern draft. I headed to eBay with inspiration from Mod Dolly and found this navy blue Paisley viscose which I snapped up in an instant.

So with new fabric in hand, I drafted a pattern from the H&M dress. Cutting out the pattern on the fabric turned out to be a slight disaster...

I really struggled to find the grain of the fabric and clearly I got it completely wrong. The curve of the neckline fell/ stretched immediately after cutting. I'd only gone and cut the fabric on the wrong part of the grain.

The rest of the bodice came up wide, but it meant the dress was more of a loose fitting smock style than a fitted skater dress. I'm cool with that!

The wide neckline meant I didn't need to insert a zip (win!) and the skirt part of the dress was super simple.

The sleeves took a lot of unpicking and I gave up after the third try, so they sit quite far down on my shoulders, not quite where I'd like them to sit but oh well.

It's a comfortable, loose fitting dress and I'm in love with the fabric so I really can't complain too much. My stubbornness for self drafting is starting to drift away as I've found some new patterns for skater dresses such as the Colette Patterns Moneta and the New Look 6723.

Things I need to remember:
  • Check and double check the grain
  • Measure twice and cut once
  • Sleeves... Be a little Take That and have a little patience.

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