What to make with fabric scraps

Fabric scraps are the bane of my life. I love making garments to wear but there's always teeny bits of fabric left over. So, I found out how to make a travel card holder and quilted coasters out of fabric scraps. Read more to find out how to create them.

1 - travel card holder
You don't need much for this small project - some fabric and some heavy weight interfacing or similar to keep the pouch sturdy.

Step 1: Cut out 2x rectangles of fabric 10 inches x 5 inches. Cut out 1x interfacing 10 inches x 5 inches.

Step 2:  Sew fabric right sides together with the interfacing on top. Leave a few inches gap on one of the long sides for turning through.

Step 3: Turn through so the right sides are now on the right sides... Fold the edges of the card holder towards the centre, pin, and sew all around the edges. This will also sew closed the gap you had earlier. Please ignore my horrific sewing. It turns out I can't sew in straight lines when I'm using fabric scraps.

Step 4: Use some sticky velco to keep the travel card holder shut. Voila! These little holders are really useful for all sorts of cards and they're great for gifts too!

Quilted coastersYou will need your leftover fabric, some thin wadding/padding to go in the middle of the coasters, and some old plain fabric if you want a contrast back for the coasters.

Step 1: Turn your fabric scraps into 3 inch squares. You'll need 4 squares per coaster so make as many as you need.
Step 2: Create a square of 4 with alternating colours. Sew together.

Step 3: You'll need a circle template that's the right size. Cut out a circle from the middle of your 4 sewn together squares. Also cut a circle of thin wadding/padding as well as a circle of plain fabric to go on the back of the coaster.

Quilt the top side of the coaster with the wadding.

Step 4: Sew the plain fabric right sides together to the top of the coaster. Leave a small gap for turning. Turn the coaster so it's the right way round and hand stitch the gap closed.



  1. I have so many fabric scraps that I've been trying to figure out what to do with recently, so I'm loving this post, especially the idea of the quilted coasters - they sound lovely!
    Sian xx Rebel Angel

    1. Thank you! The coasters are simple to make but you need a lot of patience to get the circles exactly circular... mine definitely ended up a bit oblong.