Denim shift dress - Simplicity 6145

I saw the perfect denim dress in Sugarhill Boutique; a medium blue denim, shift dress style with the cutest polka dot sleeves and trim around the bottom hem. So I did what I usually do, decided against buying it because I can make it myself!

The Simplicity New Look 6145 pattern was perfect for the dress I had in mind. I'd made it before for the Simplicity Blogger Challenge and it was so easy, I was excited to give it a go again.

The denim I found for this dress was from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton's lanes, priced really well at about £8 a metre. It's not too heavyweight and it feels very soft so I knew it would be comfortable to wear.

Unfortunately, I decided against the polka dot trims because I just wanted to follow the pattern as it was, without adding any hacks to it. Next time I'll be a bit more creative with a pattern though!

When making the dress initially for the Simplicity Blogger Challenge, I used a really drapey polyester which was very easy to sew with and fitted my body shape really nicely. The denim on the other hand, was a little trickier.

One thing I completely forgot to do was the measure the pattern in comparison to my body measurements. What an absolute fail! I forgot that I made adjustments when I first used the pattern and made up in my head that the pattern was a perfect fit first time. Whoops!

I forgot that I'm only 5 foot 1 (and a half) inches tall and obviously patterns are made for people with an average height. So where the waist and the hips are on the pattern, doesn't match up to my measurements. Even the length between the neckline and the bust on the pattern was completely wrong for me.

Anyways, I made the pattern up, shortened it a hell of a lot and took in the back centre seam by a LOT. This meant the neckline sat a bit flatter (it's still not perfect) and the skirt wasn't too big/tight in the wrong places.

Somehow I managed to save the dress despite cutting it completely wrong. Lesson learned.

One thing I don't like is the amount the denim frays. I WISH I had an overlocker to make tidy seams because look at the atrocity of the inside of the dress... (Tell no-one.)
Despite everything that bugs me about this, I think the overall dress turned out very nicely all things considering.

It looks way better on than it does on the hanger so please excuse my awkward selfie.

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