5 Thoughts when going fabric shopping

  1. Aladdin's cave
    Every fabric shop and haberdashery is just like Aladdin's cave. Trinkets, shiny things and a rainbow of colours unfold before you. From floor to ceiling, there's something new to the eye, something to take your attention away from the real world and something you just need to get your hands on.

  2. An endless list of projects
    You find that perfect floral chiffon you could make a dress for your next party in the summer. You see that shiny gold spandex, perfect for your Halloween costume. There's that gorgeous plum velvet you can make a winter skirt from. Don't forget the striped jersey for the classic t-shirt you need, or the stretch denim for your next pair of jeans. Polka dots, stripes, florals; yes that would all fit in nicely in your handmade wardrobe. The opportunities are endless and your project list has now dramatically lengthened.

  3.  Hm, I've got so many WIPs at home
    'Ok, what do I need?' You've got so many work in progress garments at home so you really don't need anything. You've already got that floral fabric and you've already made a skirt out of that chambray. You don't need anything do you? No? Ok, maybe just walk out and don't look back.

  4. But... but... what if?
    You feel just how soft that silk mix is and you just know you have the perfect dress pattern for it. There's also that brightly patterned viscose that you will definitely wear all the time once you've made something out of it. You also really need zips, buttons, elastic, interfacing, thread, lining and some of that trim over there.

  5. Woops!
    You walk out the shop with even more fabric and notions to add to your stash. It's fine though, because you and I know that you love sewing and dressmaking; you'll use them all up AND you'll get something new to wear at the end of it for a lot less money than you can buy clothing in the shops. That sounds like a good deal to me!

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  1. Haha, this is a brilliant post! Unfortunately the fabric shops round me aren't exactly Aladdin's Caves, but when I do finally stumble across somewhere with fabric, I go crazy - like you said, no matter how many WIPs at home or pieces in my fabric stash, I just ideas for ALL the projects!!