Tribal print shift dress

This dress did not turn out how I wanted it to... at all! But I guess that's the fun of making your own clothes.

Everyone owns that perfect little black dress don't they? Mine is a snazzy number from Daisy Street, made of a stretch knit fabric, round neck, short sleeves: perfect.

I drafted up my own pattern from the perfect LBD and actually used the pattern for my leopard print dress. The leopard print dress turned out so well, mainly because I used an easy-to-work-with jersey fabric.

The tribal dress however was a little more difficult...

The fabric itself is a viscose mix. It felt so soft and flimsy in the shop, but it turned out to be hard to work with.

The main bulk of the dress was simple to cut out, albeit the dress came up small because the fabric has no stretch to it.

The neckline was obviously the worst and just bunched up when I tried to make it (see below). I therefore had to create my own bias to pop onto the neckline and it still wouldn't sew on very smoothly. I still need tips and tricks on bias necklines... or necklines in general please!

Another fail... I ran out of fabric for the sleeves, so found an old cotton skirt I made and cut it up for contrasted turn-up sleeves. Looks quite cool actually.

Sadly, the dress was still too small, so I ended up unpicking the side-seams under the arms and inserting triangle shaped pieces in the same black fabric as the sleeves. I think this just works... it just isn't very tidy. But hey - who looks under my arms?

So here it is... the tribal print shift dress. I'll know not to make the same mistake again with this type of fabric and style of clothing. Come to think of it, I do wear this dress a lot so I guess it turned out ok in the end!

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