Friday, 5 June 2015

Tartan skater dress

A tartan skater dress has been on my 'to make' list since last summer after seeing some really cool ones from places like Miss Guided and Daisy Street. It was the classic "oh I'll just make one instead of buying one" situation.
The fabric would be the hardest part of this little challenge I set myself.

I've already used tartan shirting for a skirt, but this dress needed a stretch knit for a more casual and wearable look/feel. The only time I've used a stretch knit fabric was for my animal print dress - it was so easy to use!
Of course, Fabric Land, aka the best fabric shop in the world ever, has a great selection of jersey fabrics and I found The One.

The dress itself is self drafted from a Topshop skater dress I wear all the time. I was super impatient with this dress so didn't even trace out a pattern, just cut the fabric out using the Topshop dress as the pattern itself. The pure joy of a jersey fabric like this, is that it's guaranteed to fit, even if something is a centimetre or two out of place. 
The dress has a simple elasticated waistband which joins the bodice to the skirt. I started with the skirt, using the elastic to make a rouched effect, then joining the skirt to the bodice by the elastic, so the elastic gives the waistband a bit of a stretchy 'give'.
The Topshop dress has sleeves with turned up cuffs so I copied this style for my own dress. The cuff itself is actually quite loose and feels a bit like a cheat's way of making sleeves but it's got a cool, casual style to it so I'll just go with it!

Et voila!

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