Simplicity Blogger Challenge

When Simplicity announced they were doing a blogger challenge, I jumped at the chance, particularly as I've only been blogging for a few months. Not only do we get to show off our creative skills, but I've found so many other great dressmakers across the web.

The challenge was simple: use one of three Simplicity patterns and create, amend or embellish your own version. The one rule was that there were no rules!


I love making dresses, so I chose the New Look 6145 pattern. It's a clean shift dress with an A-line flare to the skirt. There's 5 variations so you can make a variety of dresses from the one pattern.

I'd heard the pattern comes up quite large, so I made some quick measurements and hoped for the best. The shape of the pattern made it really easy to match waist and hip measurements, and because I'm so short, I took up quite a bit from the length.

The freedom of this challenge was fabulous! To choose any fabric or make any changes to the pattern meant I could squeeze in a bit of 'Jenny' into the dress and really make it my own.

My lovely Grandma gave me some old floral skirts that she no longer wore and I thought this was a great excuse to use one of the skirts as the fabric was so pretty.

I started by cutting the elastic from the top of the skirt and cut open the seams for the first stages of pattern cutting. It's actually very liberating cutting up an item of clothing with a giant pair of scissors!
Cutting the pattern out was so simple, and it was really easy to see where to cut the notches and where to add the darts.
I decided to add a white lace yolk to the dress, mainly because the skirt fabric wasn't large enough for the whole dress, but also because, who doesn't love a bit of lace?
After sewing the front piece with the back pieces, it was time to add the zip. I couldn't find a zip long enough (the pattern states 22inch) but the shorter one was absolutely fine. Sewing an invisible zip to lace isn't something I've done before, but a bit of trial and error meant it turned out fine.
I tried the dress on, and despite not really sizing it properly to fit my measurements, let alone making a toile, it fits perfectly! I'll definitely be buying more Simplicity New Look dresses now I know they fit without needing to make any changes to measurements.
I found some silky bias binding for the arm holes and the necklines and finished it off with a contrast black ribbon bow.

The dress turned out really well, with barely any hiccups. I love the feeling you get when you finish a project, not just because you get to wear what you've made, but when you've challenged yourself to something and you're really proud with what you've achieved. It's a great feeling!

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  1. This looks fantastic. I love this pattern but so far I've stuck to making it as per the pattern. You've inspired me to be a bit more creative next time.