Friday, 3 April 2015

The Gingham Dress

If you've seen my March inspiration post, you'll know I'm really into the whole gingham trend. So, of course, I've made a gingham dress!

Gingham is a pretty perfect fabric to work with. Not only is it cheap, (kerching!) but it's really easy to work with. The gingham pattern makes the fabric so easy to cut in straight lines and there's a super obvious grain to follow. It's a thin fabric, so using it in the machine is great.

I started this dress by making a pattern out of an existing skater dress.

The simple 'draw-round and cut out' process worked well. I had to take it in and add some darts across the bodice (not perfect, but don't look too closely) so it fits nicely.
The neckline was the biggest challenge with this dress. I used the gingham to create the facing for the neckline, but the fabric's grainline proved difficult when working with curves. I ended up cutting some notches into the facing so it lies flat against the dress. Ideally, I would have stopped being lazy and purchased some fusible interfacing for the neckline but hey, we can't all be superheroes.

The skater dress I was copying has an elasticated waist, which I've never actually made before. Having an elastic waist may look cheap and amateur, but it really saves faffing around with zips, particularly when you want to quickly whip up a basic summer dress!
So, I cut the fabric for the skirt down to the stretched width of the elastic, and simply gathered it up and attached to the stretched elastic.

Originally, I wanted to add 3/4 length sleeves to make the dress a bit warmer for this chilly weather we're still having. But... I couldn't get it to look right and frankly too much of the gingham pattern made me eyes go blurry.
Once again I found myself unpicking this dress, which is fine, because I'm super pleased with it now!

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