5 Reasons why sewing makes me happy

Tomorrow is the International Day of Happiness! While I appreciate that as human beings, we don't need to be happy all of the time (it's OK to be sad, or angry, or anxious, or any other human feeling) sewing does in fact make me super happy.

Here's why:

1. Fabric is fun.

Walking into a haberdashery is paradise for me. The Aladdin's cave of colours, textures, sparkles and trinkets gets me so excited. I can spend hours in my local haberdashery just touching the softness of each giant roll, glaring so wonderfully at me. I love the idea that you can create a masterpiece from a single piece of fabric.

2. Wearing clothes that I've made is awesome.

I make my own clothes for many reasons, including making things fit me right (I'm so short), saving money (I don't like spending loads of money), and making the clothes I want rather than buying someone else's designs (I get bored of the same high street fashion).

3. It's theraputic.

The process of sewing keeps me sane. I'm most comfortable with myself when I'm cutting out bits of fabric or sitting at my sewing machine. To just think about sewing and not the other bits and pieces going on in my life is calming.  

4. I enjoy having a 'project'.

I take after my mum with this one but I think she's got way more projects going on than me. I've always got something on the go, whether it's making a dress from scratch, or taking up a hem on a skirt I've brought, even altering something my Grandma gave me. It's nice to have something to do in my spare time that isn't housework or binge watching TV. (Housework should only come before sewing in the dictionary.)

5. I love learning.

I've pretty much taught myself to sew, with a little help from family, books and of course the Internet (thank you YouTube). Of course, it's a real achievement when something turns out well, but it can be disheartening when something you've worked on really doesn't look right. The number of things I've thrown away has decreased lately and I think it's only because of the hard work I've put into learning and improving my sewing skills.

When you look back at your work and you're really proud of it... that's what makes me happy.

What makes you happy on the International Day of Happiness?


  1. That top yo have made looks fab on you! So glad I found your blog :-) I bet you watched Great British Sewing Bee?!


    1. Ah thanks Holly, I really appreciate that :) Yesss I love the Sewing Bee!