The me made tartan skirt

A couple of years ago, when tartan became an A/W trend, I decided I really hated it. I didn't want to look like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl anymore and I didn't want to look like a punk either.

Oh, how times have changed.

Initially, this skirt was a scarf. For one very strange reason, I picked up a metre or so of tartan suiting. For those that don't know, suiting does what it says on the tin... it's fairly thick, medium weight fabric, suitable for a suit.

So I made a scarf out of it!

When I finally got my hands on a proper tartan scarf I very quickly whipped up this skirt. The magic of suiting is that the grainline is so obvious so straight lines are really easy to sew.

The skirt consists of a really simple waistband folded in half, with the skirt gathered into it. I also managed to sew an invisible zip into the back of it and it turned out to be about 90% invisible, so actually I'm pretty proud of that. Plus, the tartan pattern matches up at the seam and we all know that Patrick Grant would appreciate that.

I wear this skirt a LOT, as it's so comfortable and really easy to whack on a black jumper to create a very simple, casual outfit. My tartan dreams are still at the forefront of my mind, with more skirts and dresses constantly being added to my wardrobe wish list.

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