The leopard print dress

Leopard print is definitely a bit of a funny print for most people but I saw this dress from Motel and instantly fell in love with it. The contrast collar worked well against the shades of browns and black that made up the print itself. I thought it looked great on the model and thought I could (maybe) pull off the look myself! At an RRP of over £40 I could definitely make it a lot cheaper.

I like to think this is more of a classy Taylor Swift type leopard print than a Kat Slater leopard print dress... My local fabric shop had some amazing animal print jersey fabric so I snapped it right up.

By using a pattern made by drawing round my favourite shift dress, the dress itself came together really quickly. The best bit about jersey fabric is that the grainline is strong so hemlines and seam lines are so quick and easy to sew together.

Then came the collar. My number one rule with dressmaking is always unpick it if it isn't quite right.

I unpicked the collar about 6 or 7 times before I was finally happy with it! The collar is made from a medium weight cotton which I backed with some of the print jersey fabric. Initially I used a very heavy weight interfacing but it just made the collar very crisp and sound like rustling plastic so I created a new collar with a lightweight facing.

Attaching the collar to the dress was even more difficult. Even with bias binding and understitching the seams, I couldn't get it to sit right at all!

Eventually I just placed the wrong sides together and flipped the collar back over the dress with a very messy seam underneath. The intention was there but a bit of practise is needed.

After adding sleeves, the dress was finished! I love pairing this dress with a black skater skirt or with a mustard jumper which looks very autumnal with the animal print colour scheme.

Overall? A success! And my classy Grandma rocks leopard print so if she can, I can too.

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