Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bird design skater skirt

This was one of the first skater skirts I've ever made - I've actually had it for a good few years now and wear it a lot of the time.

It's got quite a wide waistband, which note to self: always make wide waistbands on the looser side for those after lunch food babies.

Thanks to the lovely lady in the fabric shop who suggested using a white zip to create a contrast against the blue (sorry, zip isn't pictured) and I think I definitely took inspiration for this skirt from her vintage 50's style when shopping for fabric.

The skirt itself is lined with blue lining and so it's really poofy when I wear it.

I love the bird print a lot; it fits nicely into my nautical seaside home of Brighton!

 [looking miserable due to the downpour of rain on a summer's day]


  1. Gorgeous skirt, I wish I was as good as designing like this (I'd wear it myself) x

    1. Thanks Rebecca! To be honest, I made a straight line for the waistband and then the main part of the skirt is just gathered up and sewn into the waistband. Simple!

  2. Love the skirt... did you make it by cutting a circle out of fabric?

    Chelsea (

    1. Thanks! Nope, I used a rectangle folded in half for the waistband. And then gathered the remainder of the fabric (also a large rectangle) into the waistband. It's how I make all of my skirts as I don't really like how poofy circle skirts go!