Thursday, 18 December 2014

The hilarious Christmas dress

I wanted to make a hilarious Christmas dress after the novelty of Christmas jumpers have taken the world by storm.

After umming and ahhing about the choice of fabric, or if I actually wanted one to wear twice a year, I took the plunge and bought some red and gold holly striped poly cotton. 

For this dress, I decided to use a pattern from my Dressmaking (DK) book. I carefully drew out the bodice pattern, having no idea what certain lines meant, or if I actually had the darts in the right places.

Cutting out the fabric went swimmingly well, and I tried so hard to ensure the stripes matched on both the front side and the back side.

However, adding in the darts was difficult. I thought I understood quite well how to add darts but failed miserably after the inevitable pointy dart mishap emerged. It was all wonky and looked horrendous, so I unpicked the bodice after sewing it up the first time.

I re-jigged the pattern slightly so it was a bit smaller and removed the darts. After sewing up the bodice again, I realised the fit was completely wrong and there was fabric bulging in all the wrong places. Cue unpicking session number 2.

I managed round 3 with the zip included in the bodice side seam this time. Of course it didn't work at all, and I eventually unpicked the zip 3 times before removing it completely.

After a lot of mishap and a lot of unpicking (which is always worth it), I have my very first Christmas dress! It's not perfect but for something I'll wear twice in a year (at most) I think it'll do the job just nicely.

My mum always taught me that if your project isn't quite right the first time, always unpick it and I'm pleased I stood by this rule!

Merry Christmas :) 

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