Thursday, 27 November 2014

Navy blue velvet dress

The old velvet dress - circa 2010

My old velvet dress was one of my first real successes in dressmaking. It was the first time I properly made sleeves, and my first time working with a tricky fabric like velvet.

This dress really was a stroke of luck! I've tried working with other types of velvet including a stretch gold skirt which just didn't hem well. It was also difficult to create a waistband for the skirt because it was too flimsy and too stretchy.

I also tried creating a black skater skirt with a flimsier velvet but it was too woven, frayed and rolled too easily. I believe I even ripped it! Possibly due to anger, possibly due to bad fabric choices.

The velvet I used for the perfect dress was more sturdier, it didn't slip under the sewing machine and it had a good strong grain making hemming a lot easier!

I attempted to use a Simplicity pattern for a 60's shift dress, but my impatience and awkward body shape meant the dress turned into an almost bodycon style.

Struggling with darts slightly, working with a non-stretch velvet meant I had to fit it across my top half as the pattern suggested. Again, this was one of the first times that I've worked with darts underneath the chest, and took them in even further to nip in at the waist.

It's a really comfortable dress, and considering the sleeves were some of my first sleeve work, it fits really well overall.

This is my go-to dress for a wintery glam night and thankfully, it's still pretty fashionable so I will continue to wear this forever! Yes, it's a tad short but fine with dark thick tights!

Looking back on my dressmaking work of just over 4 years ago, it's pretty good. Let's not look at the awkward neckline, or the issues I always get with a yoke/sleeve combo; it's a good dress and I love wearing it!

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